Exterior Painting Ottawa

Exterior painting ottawa

When done right, your home’s exterior look can be dramatically improved through the efforts of exterior painting. Some things to consider when planning an exterior paint job include:

Selecting your main colour. This may be one of the most important choices when deciding on how you would like your house to appear in your neighborhood. Do you want a subtle, classy look, or a dramatic eye-catching appearance? The colour of the paint of your home’s exterior should be complementary to it’s surroundings.

You will also want to consider the accent colours of your house’s exterior, including the window frames and more importantly, your entrance.

Preparation. The proper preparation of the home prior to painting will help the durability of the paint. removing all chipped paint and sanding appropriately will limit the likelihood of premature peeling and effecting the look of the home.

Application. If you are deciding to take on this project on your own, do you have the right tools for the job? Depending on the height of the home, you may want to consider both the time to complete the job and ensure you have thought through all the safety issues around painting at high heights.

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