Concrete Floor Resurfacing

At All Pro Painters, we can help you get your concrete floors resurfaced and refinished for your business or residential needs. Whether it is for industrial, commercial or residential use, we are able to assess your preparation and paint needs.

Surfaces may be intended for foot or vehicle traffic and levels of durability, permeability and grip may need to be taken into consideration. We will consult on appropriate methods for bringing your concrete floor to a pristine, use-appropriate level.

Concrete Floor Diamond Grind With Lithium Silicate Sealer / Densifier, Urban Outfitters
In order to prepare the floors for paint, typically the process involves diamond grinding.

We offer both floor grinding services to remove old surface finishes and smooth the floor, as well as adding sealers or epoxy coatings.

Concrete Floor Repainting

True Loaf Bakery Floor, Initial Condition
True Loaf Bakery Floor, Initial Condition
True Loaf Bakery Floor, In Use
True Loaf Bakery Floor, In Use (With lots of baking flour on the ground!)

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