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Your trusted team of professional house painters in Stittsville, with over 35 years of exterior and interior house painting experience.
Striving to be Stittsville's most loved painting company since 1987
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Painters in Stittsville on a Living Wage Mission

The All Pro Painters Stittsville team is on a mission to create dignified, equitable employment opportunities for our talented team of painters in Stittsville. We live by our People-First principles of integrity and have taken the Living Wage pledge - a pledge that ensures none of our staff are never struggling to make ends meet financially. By creating this People-First culture of care, our Stittsville painting clients experience a white-glove 5-star experience each and every time. We take every measure to ensure you receive stress-free, high-quality service from a team of Stittsville painters who truly care about you and your home.

Professional house painters Stittsville

Are you looking for professional house painting for your Stittsville home? Whether your project involves interior painting or exterior painting, our team of Stittsville house painters leverage 35+ years of house painting experience to complete your house painting project with 5-star results that last for years.

  • Full drop sheet and furniture covering
  • Interior and/or exterior painting
  • Trim painting
Professional house painters Stittsville

Reviews about our Stittsville painters

Interior Painting Ottawa

Interior Painting Ottawa

Heiko & Heather

"Extremely pleased with the service and overall job. The team was always on time and were very polite and professional. We will be using their service again" >>> Explore Interior Painting Ottawa

February 24, 2024

Exterior Painting Ottawa

Exterior Painting Ottawa

Bob Coulson

"The Very best Painters 🎨 Our home looks Great! On time pleasant experience with a great staff. I must say it was pleasure from start to finish" >>> Explore Exterior Painting Ottawa

November 3, 2023

Interior Painting Stittsville

Interior Painting Stittsville

Thariq Badiudeen

"Had a great experience with All Pro Painters!  Veronika was a treat to work with—very professional and communicative throughout the entire experience. We were very happy with the final result—all walls and ceilings painted flawlessly, without any spills or drips of paint on the floors, etc. Highly recommend working with All Pro Painters; Veronika and the team did a great job on our new home! " >>> Explore Interior Painting Stittsville

September 4, 2023
Interior painting Stittsville

Interior painting Stittsville

Are you looking for interior house painters in Stittsville who can paint the interior of your house with a quality-first approach? The All Pro Painters team has painted hundreds of houses in Stittsville over several decades, with exceptional reviews and results. Our Stittsville house painting services include everything you could possibly need to deliver transformative result for your Stittsville home.

Exterior painting Stittsville

Exterior house painting in Stittsville is one of our most sought after spring and summer painting services - perfect to beautify the home for the best months of the year. Our range of exterior painting services in Stittsville includes: deck painting  fence painting, garage door painting, siding painting, roof painting, trim painting, and brick painting.

Exterior painting Stittsville

Benefits of choosing All Pro Painters Stittsville

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Fully Insured & WSIB Compliant

Feel at ease while we transform your home or business. Fully insured and we never subcontract work.

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35+ Years Combined Experience

Each crew of All Pro Painters has 35+ years of combined professional painting experience.

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Fast and reliable communication

Daily progress reports and a direct line of communication to your project manager.

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Top quality painting products

We only use expert-selected and durable paints that don’t wear when scrubbed.

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Backed by the All Pro Promise

All jobs are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or we will make it right.

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We're a People-First company

That means we pay Living Wages, support our community, and always put the needs of our employees & customers first.

Residential painting Stittsville

Drywall Repair Ottawa

All Pro Painters repair, replaces, and repaints any type drywall damage in Ottawa so your house looks as good as new.

Fence Painting and Fence Staining Ottawa

Get your metal or wood fence painted and stained in Ottawa to boost curb appeal and extend its life.

Office Painting Ottawa

Fully certified and professional office painting in Ottawa to brand your office or neutralize colours.

Door Painting Ottawa

Whether your front, interior, or garage door, All Pro Painters will revitalize one of the most high-traffic areas of your Ottawa home.

Roof Painting Ottawa

Increase the value of your home and extend its life with high-fusion roof painting in Ottawa.

Siding Painting Ottawa

Refresh your homes exterior and protect it from the elements with professional siding painting in Ottawa.

Commercial Painting Ottawa

Explore our commercial painting services in Ottawa - fully-certified and trained in operating commercial equipment.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ottawa

Get a quote for our top-rated cabinet painting in Ottawa so your kitchen looks like new again.

Brick Painting Ottawa

Our Ottawa brick painting service will refresh and seal your house from the elements.

Trim Painting Ottawa

Remove scuffs and brighten the aesthetics of your home with expert trim painting in Ottawa.

Deck Painting and Deck Staining Ottawa

Feel pride this barbecue season and stop deck-rot with our professional deck painting and staining in Ottawa.

Get to know our Interior & Exterior Painters in Stittsville

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Borys Maznyi

Borys acquired All Pro Painters in 2020, having been inspired from working and running several local Ottawa ventures. He is proud to lead a team of talented painters with his Living Wage Pledge.

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Khalil Al Dawahra

In his ninth year at All Pro Painters, Khalil joined the team in 2015 after emigrating to Canada, having formerly been a trades painter in Syria.

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Dean Moskaluk

A 29-year veteran at All Pro Painters, Dean takes pride in having trained and mentored multiple painters who have gone on to own their own successful painting businesses.

Frequently asked questions for house painting in Barrhaven

How much does house painting cost in Stittsville?

Prices for house painting in Stittsville can vary based on a number of factors. such as the surface being painted, the types of repairs that are needed, and the materials we use. For the most accurate quote, we'll offer an on-site consultation to learn more about your goals for the final project and offer a range of approaches that we could take. While pricing will vary from job-to-job, typically we ballpark a standard room from $300 to $700, and a full project from $1,500 to $10,000.

How long do Stittsville house painting projects take?

Stittsville homes vary from town-sized all the way up to larger luxury homes. Typically, a painting project will take anywhere from three days to ten days, depending on the scope of work. While we can wrap up a single room project in just a day, a full house can take up to ten days and exteriors range between five to ten days.

What paints do you use?

All Pro Painters prides itself in using only premium grade products that result in stunning finishes for all our projects. Typically, we'll recommend professional paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams - although it is always the final choice of the client on what we use at a job site.

How many coats of paint do you typically use?

Most of our projects involve at least two coats of paint to ensure a rich finish that stuns in all lighting conditions. This involves two or more coats for interior walls, two or more coats for exteriors (and depending on the surface a priming), and at least one coat for trim.

Will my furniture be safe?

Your comfort while we are adding new life to your walls is of upmost importance to us. Before starting work in any room, our professional painters will cover your floors with dropsheets and protect your furniture with plastic coverings to ensure that your property is safe from paint.

When's the soonest I can book house painting for my Stittsville home?

All Pro Painters prides itself on our flexibility in helping you book a paint job that works best with your schedule. Typically, we can book jobs with a turnaround time between the consultation and the start of the project of two or three weeks.

What does your warranty look like?

After every job is done, our team will give you a full walkthrough of the job to ensure everything is done to your highest satisfaction and you are happy with the end result. If you find any non-accidental or environmental damage to our completed work, we'll be happy to come by and do touchups. While we haven't yet seen this happen, all our paints include a two-year warranty in the event of paint failure to cover new paints and touch ups by the crew.

What will the process look like from beginning to end?

All Pro Painters has a carefully structured process to ensure your complete satisfaction, from start to end. This typically looks like:

  • Your consultation is booked. One of our professional painters will meet you on site to go over the scope of work that you are looking for. If you haven't settled on your colours, we can bring resources or send them afterwards to help you find the tone and colours that suit you best.
  • We'll share a complete overview of the job details and cost within 24 hours of our first consultation.
  • After accepting the project and scheduling a start-date, we'll be available to contact directly if you have any questions ahead of the project.
  • On the first day of the project, we'll introduce the team, plan the execution and do a walkthrough with you to align and kickoff the job.
  • Once complete, we'll do a final walkthough of the job to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final work!

Do you do commercial house painting projects in Stittsville?

With over thirty-five years of experience on each of our teams, we are equipped to handle most projects, whether residential or commercial. When required, our teams are fully insured and trained on the use of scaffolding and scissor-lifts to get access to areas of a commercial site that require professional machinery.