From one generation to the next, a true Canadian story

How two generations of Canadian's joined forces to create Living Wage painter jobs in  Ottawa area.

Humble beginnings

All Pro Painters has been providing painting services to residential and commercial painting clients in Ottawa for more than 35 years.

Founded in 1987, Joseph Trus built a business from scratch creating dozens of jobs in Ottawa over the course of his three decades. As he neared his retirement years and with the pressures of COVID, Joseph saw ahead his final year of the business with plans to turn off the lights and unfortunately let his employees go.

Meanwhile on the other side of Ottawa, two young entrepreneurs Matt and Borys set out to enter the painting business. They called Joseph one Saturday morning asking if he was open to selling his business.

In order: Borys, Joseph, and Matt after purchasing All Pro Painters in March of 2021

Jobs saved and a new future for All Pro Painters

In order: Borys, Phil, and Khalil after a successful residential painting project

Growing up in Canada thousands of kilometres away from his family, Borys was forced at a young age to learn the necessary life skills required to provide for himself and his brother. This experience instilled in him a quick learning ability and a strong sense of personal responsibility – all traits that Borys sees as critical to support his dream of becoming a Canadian citizen one day.

Fast forward ten years, at the age of 24, Borys runs All Pro Painters and leads an incredible crew of painter. Borys is empowered everyday by the transformative experiences he gets to provide for All Pro clients & crew members alike. For Borys, each day marks another opportunity to demonstrate how integrity, hard work, and craftsmanship are qualities he knows many immigrants have within them to flourish in Canada.

A new standard for employee equity in the painting industry

As part of their first year managing All Pro Painters, Borys and Matt set forth to launch the Living Wage Pledge within the company.

A job well done takes more than high-quality paint and tools - it also calls for the work of skilled, happy professionals. Recognizing this and witnessing the rising cost of living, it was a no-brainer for Borys to kickstart a program that ensured everyone on his team made a wage that resulted in a high standard of living.

The mission extends beyond just this - All Pro Painters provides full-time employees with industry leading Holiday and paid-time-off benefits. We also plan to launch our Health & Dental benefits by the end of 2022, and incorporate company-provided vehicles for Crew Leaders by 2023.

The All Pro Painter team working hard on revitalizing an Ottawa home

Get to know our Professional Ottawa Painters

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Borys Maznyi

Borys acquired All Pro Painters in 2020, having been inspired from working and running several local Ottawa ventures. He is proud to lead a team of talented painters with his Living Wage Pledge.

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Khalil Al Dawahra

In his ninth year at All Pro Painters, Khalil joined the team in 2015 after emigrating to Canada, having formerly been a trades painter in Syria.

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Dean Moskaluk

A 29-year veteran at All Pro Painters, Dean takes pride in having trained and mentored multiple painters who have gone on to own their own successful painting businesses.

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