Epoxy Coatings / Sealers

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Epoxy Coatings

Here at All Pro Painters, we have the experience and manufacturer’s support to solve almost any concrete floor problem. Whether your location is a warehouse, manufacturing facility, clean room, service bay, or even a residential garage, if the existing floor finish is peeling, slippery, difficult to maintain, dusty, or just worn out, All Pro Painters will work with you to find a solution. 

We prepare the surface either by diamond grinding or abrasive blasting to remove existing coatings, remove surface laitance of new concrete; open the concrete to allow penetration, thereby creating an anchor for coatings.

All of our equipment is connected to industrial vacuums for dust control.

All Pro Painters has extensive experience installing all kinds of coatings: Epoxy resin, epoxy with aggregate, lithium silicate densifier / sealer, seamless & non-skid decorative quartz finish, including integral cove base.

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