Boom & Scissor Lift Painting

Booms & scissor lifts are important tools in All Pro Painters’ arsenal to allow us to reach high or hard-to-reach areas. When ladders cannot be used either for reasons of safety or accessibility, powered lifts are a painter’s best friend.

Boom Lift PaintingBOOM LIFTS

Often called a “cherry picker”, these lifts feature an extendable arm, often articulated, attached to a bucket or platform from which a painter can work. These lifts allow workers to safely reach heights (up to 100 feet) and obstructed areas that would be too dangerous or difficult to achieve with ladders and not possible to access with a scissor lift.


Scissor Lift PaintingScissors lifts offer only vertical lifting capability. This means they are perfect for indoor applications in buildings with high ceilings and few architectural features that are likely to obstruct access to the areas where work is being done. All Terrain Exterior scissor lifts are extremely versatile, affording painters access to any building, light post, etc. that has unobstructed access. They are equipped with outriggers which allow them to be levelled on uneven work surfaces.


Here are a few ways that powered lifts improve the value and quality of your painting project:


Powered lifts allow workers to move themselves and materials to places that would otherwise require great effort and time to reach. This means that the crew won’t have to spend time climbing up and down ladders, rather their time can be spent doing the actual job.. In many cases the cost of the lift can be largely offset by the obvious increase in productivity.


We live in a time of heightened liability awareness. Powered lifts allow painters to reach difficult-to-access areas without resorting to dangerous gymnastics and also offer built-in safety features that decrease the overall likelihood of worksite accidents.


By allowing painters to easily reach otherwise difficult-to-access areas, they are able to paint even the most hard-to-reach places with the same precision as they would on standing on the ground. This means an overall increase in the quality of the work they perform.


For those jobs where access is a challenge, All Pro Painters offers boom and scissor lift painting services provided by highly skilled, experienced powered lift operators.

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